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Comércio bandeira comercio exterior

Presently COFRAN LANTERNAS is among the most traditional Brazilian auto parts exporters. The international activities of the company started with modest directly exports to distributors located in nearby countries, and indirect sales through trading companies.

After some years, COFRAN LANTERNAS strengthened its brand in the international market, started doing business with new clients, opened new markets, took part in fairs in Brazil and abroad, and appeared in international media of the automotive sector.

Currently, the enterprise exports to more than 30 countries either directly or indirectly, and its brand is well known in all countries it does business with. After the company was restructured, the Foreign Trade area was even more aware of the globalized market trends and focused on the countries where our products fit in.

Encouraged by the new moment it is going through, the company widens its perspectives even more, with several developments of new products for many brands of vehicles.